JFR_3629Gig Morton (born March 22, 1996) is a multi-talented, professional Canadian actor with a passion for Musical Theatre, Film, Television and Dance.

Gig started acting at the age of seven in a local production of The Wizard of Oz. It was obvious from the beginning that Gig had found his place when he was entertaining and making people feel happy. He started professional acting at the age of nine and has gone on to do a number of feature films, short films, movies of the week, commercials, voice-overs and theatre productions.

Gig played the role of “Billy” in all three of the Air Buddy movies – “Air Buddies”, “Space Buddies” and “Santa Buddies” and has just begun filming the YTV series “Mr. Young”.

When Gig is not acting you can find him participating in one of his many hobbies which include: swimming, skateboarding, biking, soccer, basketball, trampoline, speech arts, guitar lessons, singing, hip hop dance, tap dance, reading, yo-yo tricks, video games, robot building, improv and fencing.

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